How to help

If you know of someone that would benefit from this program, please nominate them. If you don’t know of anyone, you can still be a part of it all by subscribing to our YOU TUBE Channel and by telling others about the program. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter, share and re-tweet when you are touched by what you hear. We also would love to share everyday happy photos on instagram at #sharejoy. It could make someone smile!


We really appreciate all of
our Angel Allies, who financially
support the program.
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If you would like be a sponsor, please contact Marie Lauer at (403) 542-2588. As we try to tailor the package to each recipient’s needs, we do identify a wide variety of areas in which help is needed. We may ask for a minimum amount which we can discuss. If you would like to be the cash donor of the $500 we give each month, be aware we do not require any long-term commitment. Of course we would love a long term commitment from all donors but we are appreciative of what people can give. You are what make this program possible!

Sponsorship Pack

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