We are Back!

We have all been through so much since March of 2020 and we have missed being able to connect with our community through the Airdrie Angel program. There are more people than ever struggling in Airdrie and we want to bring a smile and a little hope were we can.

As things find their way back to a new balance we are happy to announce we are back and looking for nominations! Do you know someone who needs a lift to their spirit? If you know someone who is struggling and is going through a difficult time or living in challenging circumstances, please nominate them.

The process is simple. Go to our website and complete the nomination form https://airdrieangel.ca/nominate  Tell us, from the heart, why they need support at this time.

Nominations goes to a selection committee… Each nomination is reviewed by a committee. If required, a follow-up phone call is made to confirm the situation or get further information. From there a decision is made on who is selected as the recipient. The Airdrie Angel staff then works to put together a package of goods/services that will be helpful (and lift the spirits) for the recipient.

Once a recipient has been chosen, a call from our Angel staff will be made. The conversation is recorded with their permission and edited to share with the community.

Watch our social media for updates as we hope to bring the first story back in December of 2021 with more to follow in the months to come. Thanks for your support and nominate someone today.