Do you know someone

Who needs a lift to the spirit?

If you know someone who is struggling and is going through a difficult time or living in challenging circumstances, please nominate them today.

How to nominate someone



Fill out the nomination form and tell us, from the heart, why they need support at this time.



Each nomination is reviewed by a committee. If required, a follow-up phone call is made to confirm the situation or get further information. From there a decision is made on who is selected as the recipient. The Airdrie Angel staff then works to put together a package of goods/services that will be helpful (and lift the spirits) for the recipient.

will be


Once a recipient has been chosen, a call from our Angel staff will be made. The conversation is recorded and edited to share with the community.


Requirement Rules

Nominations are all evaluated on their merits. We do not accept self-nominations. There are no age restrictions, nor do we require anyone specific to be part of the situation. We do not select requests for cosmetic plastic surgery or other items that would be considered elective.

Nomination Form

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While we would love to help out people from across the country (and around the world), at this time recipients of the Airdrie Angel program must be from the Airdrie, Alberta area.

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