December 2015

December 1 2015

Since the premature birth of their son, Emmitt in January 2012, Ashley has been through one crisis after another.  She spent 24 hours a day caring for Emmitt, sacrificing herself completely for him until he passed away in September 2013.  While still dealing with the grief of losing Emmitt, Ashley was having an exploratory surgery in March 2014 with the hopes of having another child when she found out she had ovarian cancer.  If not for that surgery, we may never have found out soon enough to do anything about it.  It was a hard time for our family.  Over the next 1 ½ years, Ashley was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and has had 10 surgeries (and at least two more to go) dealing with the ovarian cancer and breast cancer.  Through all of that, she has refused to stop being there for her family.  Most people wouldn’t be aware how sick she was.